It doesn’t get any better than the staff at Placerville body shop. So helpful throughout the whole process. Best quality work. My truck left better than its original condition. No one ever wants to deal with an accident, but if you ever are in that situation chose Placerville body shop. Your vehicle and you are their number one priority. They guide you through the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for more. Above and beyond my expectations!
Francisco Gonzalez

I left my truck with Mike and walked over to McDonald’s. When I came back 20 minutes later, the estimate was done. Since the work being done is not covered by Insurance,
Mike tried to keep the costs down. I feel He gave me a fair estimate.
Thank You.
Mark Rinehart

Fantastic work- most honest guys around– fair prices and great customer service! Mike was one amazing man – he even showed me a problem on my car that was mechanical I had no idea about and could if been very dangerous he replaced it on top of the job! Customer for life!
Heather Hill

Excellent customer service, very thorough and knowledgeable.
Mike Duerr

Mike and crew do a fantastic job. I’ve brought in two separate vehicles so far and always gives me a fair estimate and time frame and works with my insurance through it all. Everything is guaranteed and the work is superior. I recommend all my friends take their vehicles there!
Cathie Navratil

We want to thank Don and the folks at Placerville Auto Body for staying after hours to make our car drivable. We were hit up in Lake Tahoe and told that our loose bumper would stay on just fine. As we started down the mountain, something began to drag. We called this shop knowing that they would be long closed by the time we were able to reach them. Not only did they stay late and fix our car so we can drive it home, they also refused to take any compensation for their time and trouble. Incredible customer service! Thank you!
Holly Wonnacott

I just want to post this review for Placerville Body Shop in Placerville. I have a Mercedes that needed to get a dent removed and also needed new leather on the driver’s seat. I looked around Folsom and El Dorado Hills for a reliable and reasonable cost body shop. Not able to find any that didn’t want to charge a “king’s ransom” I decided to look east rather than west. To my amazement, I found a very reliable and reduced cost body shop to work on my car. They saved me a ton of money and the work was terrific. If you are tired of paying the high prices in and around EDH and Folsom I suggest you drive a little to save a lot without sacrificing the quality of work. My Mercedes looks great. Super satisfied.
Ron Tyler

Placerville Body Shop is the absolute best around. They are friendly, helpful beyond belief, honest, fair and do a great job.
My first experience with them was about 9 years ago and unfortunately for me I had to use them 3 more times. Fortunately for me they do a great job. I have had a deer hit my car, a snow truck hit my Durango, a stupid driver hit my car and then something in the road. I drove over 35 miles to use them because I felt it was worth it.
I am one of those people who write a bad review if I feel it’s deserved so I make sure I write a good one if its deserved also. Trust me this good review is because they do a great job.
Susan S.

These guys are great. They treat me like family and are completely geared toward helping you however you need it. I totaled my car and was stuck waiting in the rain and they were nice enough to help me find a rental and get my claim taken care of! I’m a 20-year-old girl so it was nice to get the help! I was already feeling overwhelmed and stressed!
Kaitlin K.

Wow!! 5+ STARS. Chris and the staff met and exceeded all my expectations. My ten-year-old truck looks like it just rolled off the assembly line..Great bodywork and it drives smooth as butter. Thanks, team.
Michael F.

I went in recently b/c my spouse’s truck had some scrapes along the passenger side on the bed, and the truck is 2015 so we wanted to keep it nice. Mandy suggested I go to a detail shop that did a really good job on such things, to see if it could be buffed out without paying an arm and a leg, which was much easier on the wallet. She could have quoted us a price and convinced us we needed to get it repaired, but she was honest and told us our first step. Turns out the buffing took care of the scratches and white rub off, and now we have the nice truck bed back for just $50. Thanks to this business and its honesty.
Kip F.

I checked out the local body repair shops on Yelp first, got two to check out, this being one of them, and drove to each with our truck that rolled down hill killing a tree. Mandy and Don took care of me, giving me an estimate and going thru everything while showing them on the truck itself. Then wrote up the estimate and gave me an idea of how working thru insurance worked. Mandy also found a coupon for me that lowered my deductible by 10%.
After checking out the other shop, I returned to this one, as they had seen so much of what needed doing and didn’t come across as if they were trying to gauge me or my insurance. Mandy helped me get my insurance adjuster what she needed and emailed their estimate and photos so I wouldn’t have to drive down to Folsom for an appraisal there. Then once that was done, I got my approval and dropped it off. Mandy told me to expect 2 weeks and it turned out to be only 5 days! The paint looks fantastic, the new bed liner is great, and they washed it for me, gave me the results of the frame analysis, and in 90 days they will wax my car to protect the new paint, for free! They took care of the submissions for any incidentals, like the insurance missed the fact that the frame had to be checked for damage, considering how much damage running over a tree caused, but luckily, the frame was in alignment.
I highly recommend this place, tho I hope never to have to use them again!

I went to Placerville body shop today for the first time. I was blown away with the great service and professional atmosphere. They took such good care of me! My car door lock mechanism fell into my door and they fixed it immediately. I highly recommend taking your car here! Thank you so much Placerville body shop for your help and great service! Sincerely,
Andrea Ruhlman

Fast friendly service. They got me in on short notice and fixed my front bumper for a great price!

Placerville Body Shop is simply the best body shops in our area. They are efficient, friendly and go above and beyond to repair your vehicle. I have taken my car to them twice in the last two years and each time my car looks brand new. I will always use them in the future. You cannot go wrong taking your car to them.
Nora M.

Placerville Body Shop is amazing. The staff is wonderful. They made my car look so good! Detailed it, repaired the dings, kept me informed of what they were doing the entire time. My car looks brand new and could not be happier with their service. They will have my business anytime something needs to done to any vehicle I own. Thank you, again for such great service

I’ve had two occasions to have my car at Placerville Body Shop and they took excellent care of me each time. They are friendly, efficient and do great work. So glad I found them!
Kim T.

I want to recognize Placerville Body Shop for their outstanding customer service and excellent work they did on my car. From start to finish they made this whole experience extremely pleasant and easy. They go beyond the extra mile for you, all with a very friendly and helpful staff. Should the need ever arise I have no doubt where I will take my business. I highly recommend them!
Pixie A.

I’ve had a couple personal vehicles here and send a lot of my customers here. Always do great work and stand behind it. I don’t recommend any other body shop in town!
David L.

My one and only Body Shop I fully endorse and recommend. Why? Twice in the last two years, I have been hit from behind, two different cars, and that drivers insurance company was not co-operative on the bid process. Placerville Body Shop employees, Samantha and Mindy in the office make the process go away. Mike is the deal maker. The next best thing is the repair work is absolutely top notch. Summary: People and quality work. Unbeatable.
Daniel M.

It doesn’t get any better than the staff at Placerville body shop. So helpful throughout the whole process. Best quality work. My truck left better than its original condition. No one ever wants to deal with an accident, but if you ever are in that situation chose Placerville body shop. Your vehicle and you are their number one priority. They guide you through the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for more. Above and beyond my expectations!
Cisco G.

Love these guys. Always easy to work with and quick! Super nice that they took such good care of me when someone decided to break the windows of my car. They did their best to find me some glass at the best price (tough car to find glass for apparently) and even vacuumed it out for me while it was just sitting there! Made me feel quite a bit better about the whole situation.
Shey S.

Placerville Body Shop did a really great job repairing my car after is was hit. They worked with the other driver’s insurance company making sure everything was handled properly. I am very satisfied with the way everything turned out and the car looks great!
Christa H.

Not much to say here. Totally satisfied. Years ago our insurance company tried to steer us to another “major” body shop in Placerville but we had a poor experience. Been using Placerville Body Shop for years since (maybe three times?) and have never had a bad experience. The people here (Don) are easy to deal with, no price “surprises,” and excellent paint matching on every job – can’t tell it from the original paint.
Carl L.

I had them do a frame repair on a Toyota 4Runner – they did a great job, it was easy, quick and the price was very reasonable. They even gave me a ride home when I dropped off my car. One very satisfied and happy customer here!!
Mike J.

I have used Don and Mike for the past 5 years, their work is outstanding, and the customers are always happy with the work, I will continue to reccomend them and sublet to them.
Greg H.

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